Holy Fire Screening in Bethlehem – live streaming of all Holy Week Services in Arabic

Dan Koski- 6/4/15
Greetings from the Holy Land;

I am happy to provide you with two pieces of information for Holy Week:

1) Holy Fire Live Screening in Bethlehem, Beit Jala on Holy Saturday 2015. http://christianaffairsoslj.tumblr.com/post/115588260610/holy-fire-screening-in-bethlehem-beit-jala-on

and the following direct text:

2) Live Holy Week Services in Arabic from the Greek Orthodox parish of Beit Jala in the Holy Land  available online.  Text:  Through a generous donation of the Virginia H. Farah Foundation, the Beit Jala Greek Orthodox parish of the Jerusalem Patriarchate has successfully completed the first stage of an information technology upgrade in time to begin live-streaming Holy Week services to the world. The city of Beit Jala lies between Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the Holy Land; it is best known as the home of Saint Nicholas of Myra-Lykia while he was on pilgrimage in the early 4th Century AD.

Nearly a quarter million Arab Orthodox Christians and their descendents from around the world can trace their ancestry or place of birth back to Beit Jala; including 100,000 residing in Chile and another 25,000 in Honduras.  The decision to launch a live-stream service online was made in part to reconnect the Arab (Roum) Orthodox Christian diaspora of Beit Jala back to their home parish, as well as to reach out to new communities and individuals seeking to learn more and understand the Palestinian expression of Orthodox Christianity.  You can join us online via the Beit Jala Orthodox Church Youtube Channel throughout the entire Holy Week; we are on GMT +2 international time.  Be sure to join us for the bringing of the Holy Fire from Jerusalem to Bethlehem!

Thank you!