Hizbullah Delegation Visits, Greets Christian Sects on Holiday


(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – On the occasion of Christmas, and the approach of the New Year, Hizbullah formed a delegation composed of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc Member Bilal Farhat, Hizbullah Political Council member Ghaleb Abu Zeinab, Hizbullah Mount Lebanon official Bilal Dagher, and a group from Hizbullah’s public relations committee in Mount Lebanon.

The delegation visited heads of Christian sects in Lebanon, congratulating them on the holidays and presenting greetings on behalf of Hizbullah’s leadership. The delegation visited the Bishop of the Chaldean Assyrians Michel Kasergi in Hazmieh. Bishop Kasergi on his part praised Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, valuing the openness and love expressed by Hizbullah towards all the Lebanese, especially the Christians. He also called upon the Lebanese people to avoid sectarian conflicts that are witnessed in the region.

Afterwards, the Hizbullah delegation visited the headquarters of the Antonine order in the monastery of Mar Rukz, where they were received by father David Raidy who thanked the delegation for its visit. Father Raidy believed that the majority of the Lebanese are aware of the sensitivity of the current situation, and of the importance of cooperation and coexistence with staying away from conflicts and using weapons.

The Hizbullah delegation continued its tour and visited the Bishop of Mount Lebanon for the Roman Orthodox, Bishop George Khodr in the headquarters of the diocese in Brommana. Bishop Khodr on his part welcomed the delegation, and thanked them for the fine visit. He stressed that Lebanon strictly needs the resistance in light of the current situation and geographical status, because the rights are restored through resistance weapons, and not through waiting behind international resolutions.

Moreover, the Hizbullah delegation visited the pastor of Beirut diocese for the Roman Orthodox, Bishop Carlos Bistress in the Mathaf area, in presence of head of Roman Orthodox gathering Maroun Abu Rjeili.

At the end of the tour, the Hizbullah delegation visited Bishop of the Maronites Boulos Mattar in the headquarters of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon diocese in Ashrafiyeh. Both sides of the visit stressed on the importance of Lebanese unity and immunity, and their action on the basis of living in one country, therefore making them one nation in various spiritual families, which all aim for the interests of Lebanon.