Historical Document Released from the archive of Grand Duchess Marie Nikolaevna Romanova-Dolgoruky

Harry Blanton Binkow – Public Relations and Media
Russian Imperial Family Historical Society – 4/5/15

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On Sunday, May 2, 2015, the original documents below were published on the social media page for the Russian Imperial Family Historical Society. They are permanent collections in the archive of HIH Grand Duchess Marie Nikolaevna Romanova-Dolgoruky.  The Imperial Grand Duchess and her husband, HH Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich Dolgoruky were married in 1919, at the Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania, with His Majesty King Ferdinand I and Her Majesty Queen Marie in attendance.

In September of 1970, Prince Alexis D’ Anjou, Grandson of Maria Nikolaevna, wrote to King Michael of Romania asking some information about the publications appeared in several newspapers in Europe, regarding the case of Anna Anderson/Anastasia. The response of General C. Petre-Lazar is very clear, as well as the way he addresses the Prince: Votre Altesse Impériale (Your Imperial Highness). The Secretary of the King of Romania would never, ever, make such a mistake! He knew very well that he was addressing a member of the Imperial Family of Russia.  A direct descendant of Tsar Nicholas II.

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna Romanova died in Rome, at the Villa Mafalda Clinic, on December 1st, 1970. General Petre-Lazar, Secretary of King Michael of Romania wrote a letter on December 7th with the condolences of the King. This letter shows the profound sympathy of His Majesty Michael of Romania to the Grandson of Maria Nikolaevna, and addresses him as Votre Altesse Impériale.

There are many letters from other members of Royal Houses (Michael Romanov, Otto von Habsburg, Lord Mountbatten, Tikjon Kulikovsky, Marie Jose of Savoy, Elena Lupescu (Princes of Romania), etc.,  to Maria Nikolaevna Romanov-Dolgoruky and her family. She was survived by her daughters, Olga Beatrice and Julia Yolanda.