His Holiness Aram I at St. Gregory the Illuminator church in Tehran


ANTELIAS, Lebanon – Continuing his visit to the parishes in Tehran, Iran, on Sunday 20 May, His Holiness Aram preached at the church of St. Gregory the Illuminator. The theme of his sermon was “Christ: our Life”.

His Holiness described life as a “gift of God. Therefore, it must be lived for God. God should be the center and purpose of human life”. Aram I reminded the faithful that “human life was distorted because of Adam’s sin; Christ, the New Adam came to the world in order to restore the life of humanity and creation”. Therefore, “Christ is the source of true life; in and through Him we were given the true life” stated His Holiness and called the faithful to live their life having Christ at the center of their thought and work.

After the eucharistic celebration, His Holiness, accompanied with the primates of Tehran and Isfahan, met with the people and had brief conversation with them on issues pertaining to their family and community life.

The same day His Holiness also visited St. Minas Church and was warmly greeted by the faithful. In his message, Aram I emphasized the need for spiritual renewal. He said that “being Christian is a quality of life sustained by spiritual values”.