The Jerusalem Patriarchate  – 9/11/16

On Sunday, the 24th of October/6th of November 2016, H.B. Theophilos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, accompanied by the Elder Secretary-General, Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina, and Archdeacon Markos, led the Divine Liturgy at the magnificent St Demetrius Church in Thessaloniki, having as concelebrants H.B. Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus, Metropolitan Anthimos of Thessaloniki, and other Prelates.

The Divine Liturgy was held on the conclusion of the Conference on the city’s Byzantine ecclesiastical heritage. During lunch, His Beatitude spoke in Greek.

During the Divine Liturgy, Patriarch Theophilos delivered a sermon, referring specifically to the Apostle Paul. Paul, His Beatitude said, had never known Christ during His presence on earth, but was taught the mysteries of God. “Such mysteries enlightened his mind, expanded his horizon and, mainly, fashioned his heart in perfect love and dedication to Christ, so that he denied everything, even his own life, in order to devote himself to evangelism, demonstrating zeal that exceeded that of the other Apostles”.

Though he previously adhered fervently to Jewish laws and principles, he turned this zeal to the basis “on which Christ built the new relationship, guiding him to the right path”. His earnestness, the Patriarch said, we must all emulate in our daily lives, proclaiming in deed the testament of Christ. We must, His Beatitude added, willingly carry our own cross, obeying the Lord’s advice to stand firm in the face of adversities.

From the Secretariat-General