Hirotesia as Iconom Stavrofor in the Historical Chapel of the Romanian Patriarchal Residence

September 2014

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romanian awarded the distinction of iconom stavrofor to three priests of the Archdiocese of Bucharest in the historical chapel of Saint Great Martyr George of the Patriarchal Residence: Rev Eparchial Counsellor Costinel Ailoaiei from Cemeteries Department; monuments and funeral constructions; Rev. Eparchial Counsellor Atanasie Barna from the Cultural and media communications Department; Rev Dr Dan Toader, archpriest of deanery district 1 Bucharest.

To end with the service, His Beatitude spoke about the responsibilities of the iconom stavrofor.

“This distinction means the recognition of the activity you unfolded so far, as well as a greater orientation to more intense activities. The cross means recognition of self devotion, as well as encouragement and urge to the future work of the Church. In general, the iconom stavrofor must multiply the golden coins received, but in this case they are not money, not material wealth, but multiplication of the spiritual goods, namely faith, devotion and mission of the Church”, His Beatitude said.

Hirotesia as iconom stavrofor involves wearing epigonation, girdle and cross.