Hierarchal Divine Liturgy on the 8th anniversary as Romanian Patriarch of His Beatitude Daniel

September – October 2015

His Beatitude Daniel celebrated on Wednesday, 30 September 2015, eight years since his enthronement as Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church (30 September 2007).

Hierarchal Divine Liturgy at the Patriarchal Cathedral

On this anniversary moment, the Divine Liturgy was officiated by the Romanian Patriarch in the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest. Along with His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel concelebrated several hierarchs of the Romanian Orthodox Church, namely:

  • His Eminence Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina;
  • His Eminence Laurențiu, Metropolitan of Transylvania;
  • His Eminence Andrei, Metropolitan of Cluj, Maramureș and Sălaj;
  • His Eminence Hon Metropolitan Nifon, Archbishop of Târgoviște;
  • His Eminence Ioachim, Archbishop of Roman and Bacău;
  • His Eminence Calinic, Archbishop of Argeș and Muscel;
  • His Eminence Ciprian, Archbishop of Buzău and Vrancea;
  • His Eminence Casian, Archbishop of Lower Danube;
  • His Eminence Timotei, Archbishop of Arad;
  • His Grace Lucian, Bishop of Caransebeș;
  • His Grace Sofronie, Bishop of Oradea;
  • His Grace Nicodim, Bishop of Severin and Strehaia;
  • His Grace Vincențiu, Bishop of Slobozia and Călărași;
  • His Grace Andrei, Bishop of Covasna and Harghita;
  • His Grace Ambrozie, Bishop of Giurgiu;
  • His Grace Visarion, Bishop of Tulcea;
  • His Grace Gurie, Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara;
  • His Grace Siluan, Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Hungary;
  • His Grace Macarie, Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Northern Europe;
  • His Grace Varlaam Ploieșteanul (of Ploiești), Assistant Bishop to the Patriarch;
  • His Grace Ieronim Sinaitul (of Sinaia), Assistant Bishop to the Patriarch;
  • His Grace Timotei Prahoveanul (of Prahova), Assistant Bishop to the Archbishopric of Bucharest;
  • His Grace Ilarion Făgărășanul (of Făgăraș), Assistant Bishop to the Archbishopric of Sibiu;
  • His Grace Paisie Lugojeanul (of Lugoj), Assistant Bishop to the Archbishopric of Timișoara.

St Gregory the Enlightener exhorts us to have sacrificial love towards our neighbour

During the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Visarion, Bishop of Tulcea, delivered the sermon:

We have gathered today with much joy in our souls, with faith, love and hope to thank God who is wondrous in His Saints for all the known and unknown benefits that He bestowed from on high, from the Heaven of mercifulness, upon our traditional Church, upon her Primate and upon all of us”, His Grace Bishop Visarion said.

Furthermore, Bishop Visarion praised the life and personality of Saint Gregory the Enlightener of Armenia, whose feast is celebrated by the Church on the same day.

The Bishop of Tulcea affirmed that Saint Gregory the Enlightener represents for us, today, an example to be followed, a missionary example of Christian apostolate in a secularized world, which lies apart from God, a world that lives more in discord than in brotherly love.

“Saint Gregory the Enlightener exhorts us too to work the deeds of the light, the good deeds, to walk in the light, to dress ourselves with light so that we being first enlightened will be able to enlighten the others, to bring others to Christ, to eternal salvation. Saint Gregory the Enlightener exhorts us, living today, to have sacrificial love towards our neighbour, because there are so many brothers and sisters who need our help and support, a love that is meant to transform us in enlighteners, and sanctifiers, authentically experiencing the word of the Gospel of Christ our Saviour”, His Grace Bishop Visarion stated.

In this event also took part representatives of the central and local state authorities, of other public institutions, personalities of the Romanian public life, members of the National Church Council and of the Eparchial Council of the Archbishopric of Bucharest, clergy and laymen.