Help to Children’s home of St. Sava in Africa

Serbian Church

According to many years’ tradition that each great holiday representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church community of St. Sava from Johannesburg visit orphanage of St. Sava in Atridgeville, which is led by an Orthodox priest Frumentije.

All what is collected in a few monts at the church in Johannesburg, is sent to the children who live in a great poverty. This time they got: clothing, footwear, toys, technical appliances, food (flour, oil, rice, sugar, vegetables …), and sweets for children.

In the delegation which visited the orphanage and the monastery there were archimandrite Pantelejmon, Zivojin, Lada i Marija Jovanovic, Mirjana Mihaljevic, Anamarija Mijailovic and Maria Netsis from Greece.

Members of the Church Committee of CSC of St. Sava
Johannesburg, South Africa