Greek Orthodox Church Patriarch Bartholomew I slams legal recognition of gay couples

Andrew Potts – 14/9/13

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople says Orthodox Church will never accept gay relationships in warning Estonia about going down the path of recognizing same-sex relationships.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople, has slammed the recognition of same-sex relationships during a visit to Estonia. The Patriarch made the comments in a statement to the Estonian media, saying that same-sex relationships are sinful and would never be accepted by the Orthodox Church. ‘The cohabitation between two people of the same sex is … reprehensible,’ the Patriarch said, according to Greek Reporter. Bartholomew I said such things were modern ‘inventions,’ and had to do with a life full of sins.

The Patriarch made the comments in urging the Estonian Government not to legally recognize same-sex relationships – the first time the Patriarch has waded into Estonian Politics on the issue. The Patriarch has been in Estonia since 4 September as part of celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the Estonian Church becoming an autonomous church of the Ecumenical Church of Constantinople. Patriarch Bartholomew I’s Archdiocese of Constantinople and New Rome includes all Greek and Turkish Orthodox Christians around the world as well as the autonomous Orthodox churches of Finland and Estonia.