Fr Dr K M George calls for creating World Orthodox Christian Forum at I.A.O. Conference

Kisha D Dorado (OCP Delegate of Serbia, Balkan and East European Region)
OCP News Service – 14/5/14

Thessaloniki: Fr Dr K M George the leading international Orthodox Theologian, former Principal of the Orthodox Theological Seminary and Director of the new inter-orthodox Center in India called for creating a world Orthodox Christian forum comprising both families of Churches.

Fr George made this important remark during his reply speech to various session in I.A.O. Seminar conference on Mass Media and Orthodoxy. He also stressed on the need of preserving the ‘locality’- local traditions and practices of each Orthodox Church. He also gave an exclusive interview to the Belarussian Orthodox News Portal on pan-orthodox unity.

Fr George has also proposed the same idea to the inter-orthodox panel of WCC during the previous global summit held in Busan, South Korea.

OCP News Service