Fr Dr Jossi Jacob received historic document from Greek Orthodox Archbishop on behalf of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE


Yonas Gredew
OCP News Service- October- November 2013

Addis Ababa: Fr Dr Jossi Jacob (Lecturer Holy Trinity Theological College and IMOC delegate to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) was presented with the historic Greek publication on the first Addis Ababa Conference which was held in 1965. Fr Jossi received the book from Greek Orthodox Archbishop Petros of Axum and Ethiopia on behalf of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society.

Rare Publication
The Greek publication on Addis Ababa Conference is very rare. Only three copies exist, where one has been presented to OCP Society, one is kept at the Greek Archdiocese in Addis Ababa and the final copy is preserved at the Alexandrian Patriarchate archives.

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