For the first time in 60 years a Chinese priest is ordained for Hong Kong’s Orthodox church

The Chinese Orthodox Church – January 2015
English translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

On December 9, 2014 in the Khabarovsk church in honor of St. Innocent of Irkutsk, on the parish’s feast day, Metropolitan Ignaty of Khabarovsk and Amur ordained to the priesthood Anatoly Kung (Kung Cheung Ming, 龔長明).

It’s an exciting day for anyone embarking on the path of priesthood. But one feature adds another weight to the item: for the first time in 60 years, a priest whose native language is Chinese was ordained. After his ordination Father Anatoly will serve the parish of SS. Peter and Paul in Hong Kong (PRC): to be the missionary catechist, primarily to the Chinese in Hong Kong.

Before his ordination Father Anatoly answered a few questions.

“Orthodoxy is not a very widespread religion in your home country. Tell me how Russian Orthodox Church came there?”

‘The Orthodox Church exists and lives not only in Russia, but for every person in this world. When I lived in Russia, it was then that I began to learn Orthodoxy.’

“What feelings you are experiencing before ordination?”

‘Deep in my heart I feel something very special, but I can’t put it into words.’

“How do you envision your service in Hong Kong?”

‘It does not depend on my desire, but on the will of God.’