Football team manager: “I became a practicing Orthodox Christian”

Basilica News Agency – Aurelian Iftimiu – 5/4/21

Dinamo Bucharest football team manager, Mario Nicolae, said in a video that he started to put his Orthodox faith into practice.

The announcement was made in response to those interested in why he left his hair long and grew a beard.

“I became a practising Orthodox Christian. As I always had to be. I have always had such aside, a love for the church, for priests and for church hymns.”

“But I was like a lost sheep. I am a practising Christian, I want to be a confessor of Orthodoxy. That has brought me peace of mind in recent years. Having God in my life is the best thing that can happen to me. That’s why I have peace of mind when I’m attacked. I don’t mind that jokes are made, that people say that I have a priest’s face”.

“This is a complex of Romanians. About Sergio Ramos, would we say he’s a monk?” Mario Nicolae told GSP Live.