Focus Ecumenical Journal Features Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society

Dr Ajesh T Phillip (Delegate of the Indian Sub-continent- OCP News Service – 26/9/16

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The October 2016 issue of the Focus Diaspora Journal of the Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar (A Church in former Oriental Orthodox tradition and a member of the Global Anglican Communion) has featured Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE – Pan Orthodox Christian Movement.

This is the first feature published on Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE by an ecumenical Christian journal in the Eastern-Anglican origin. The short article is titled ‘A Note on Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE’ and it appears on the 10th page.

We wholeheartedly thank Professor Dr Zac Varghese for publishing the article on Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE.

About Focus
Diaspora FOCUS is a non-profit organization registered in United States, originally formed in late Nineties in London for the Diaspora Marthomites. It is an independent lay-movement of the Diaspora laity of the Mar Thoma Church (It is not an official publication of the Mar Thoma Church). It is an ecumenical journal to focus attention more sharply on issues to help churches and other faith communities to examine their own commitment to loving their neighbors and God, justice, and peace.

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