Festival in Solidarity with Syria Held in Haifa


Haifa, Occupied Palestine, (SANA) – The Palestinian Popular Committee for Solidarity with Syria in the Occupied Palestinian Lands of 1948, political and religious figures inal-Jalil, al-Karmel and the Occupied Jerusalem as well as a delegation from the Occupied Syrian Golan held a festival Tuesday in solidarity with Syria at al-Midan Theatre in Haifa.

After playing the Syrian National anthem, speeches delivered during the festival called on the Syrian people to stand by their national leadership, underlining that the goal of the conspiracy is liquidating anyone who opposes the US-Zionist project in the region.

Archbishop of Sebastia of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem Atallah Hanna said “our participation in this festival aims at renewing support and solidarity with the Syrian people against the dangerous conspiracy to which they are exposed.”

Other participants stressed that Syria is the main supporter of the Palestinian cause-the cause of the Arab nation-, adding that Syria today is paying the price of its stances.