Feast of the Apparition of the Holy Cross at the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem


Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem – 4/5/18

On Sunday May 6, 2018 the Armenian Church celebrates the Feast of the Apparition of the Holy Cross.

Divine Liturgy will be celebrated in St. James around 9.00 AM.

The Feast of the Apparition of the Holy Cross is one of the four feasts of the Holy Cross, also called Tabernacle Feasts, in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

In May 451 a miraculous event appeared in the sky, about which the Church Father St. Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, wrote about in a letter to the Emperor.
At the early morning a luminous cross appeared for hours in the sky, from Golgotha (located in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher) until the Mount of Olives, so large and shining that all the inhabitants of Jerusalem witnessed it. The appearance was so radiant, that many people went to the Holy Sepulcher to praise God, and understood the cross of light was the fulfillment of the Gospel of Matthew 24: 30 : ‘And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky’.

Because of this Divine sign, a few thousand people were baptized and became Christians.

One of the baptismal fonts used for these baptisms can be found in St. James Cathedral, under the altar of St. Cyril in St. Stephan’s Chapel.