Feast day of St. Teoktist, Serbian King Dragutin, solemnly celebrated in Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery near Novi Paza


In the monastery of Djurdjevi Stupovi near Novi Pazar on November 12, 2011 the feast day of the donator and renovator of this sacred place – Holy Serbian King Dragutin, in monasticism monk Teoktist, was solemnly celebrated. Spiritual gathering began last evening when the heugomen of the monastery of Visoki Decani archimandrite Sava with the monks of Decani brought a part of the relics of Venerable Teoktist in the monastery of Djurdjevi Stupovi where they were welcomed by heugomen of the monastery Gerasim with many priests and pious people of the area of Raska. The holy relics were brought to the church in a solemn procession, after which a feast day’s vigil service was served.

On the feast day the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy was served by His Grace Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren with the concelebration of nine priests. Before the Liturgy Bishop Teodosije blessed a great icon of the Saint in front of which there was the part of the relics. After the Holy Liturgy and cutting the slava cake protosyngellos Gerasim with brothers prepared a table of love for all the present.