“Everyday Saints” Wins the Hearts of Polish Catholics

January 14, 2014. PRAVMIR. The book Everyday Saints and Other Stories by Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) has won the hearts of Catholic monks in Poland.

Book alters understanding of Russian Orthodoxy and changes people’s attitude towards Russia.

80% of the Orthodox bestseller’s Polish edition, released by the Polish Orthodox publishing house “Bratchik” will be bought by Catholics, noted Marek Yakimuk, director of the publishing house.

“We published 2,000 copies, yet we can already see that this won’t be enough. Now we’ll publish five times more. 80% of the published books go to Catholics. This book completely alters the understanding of Russian Orthodoxy and changes people’s attitude towards Russia,” www.sobor.by quotes the publishing house.

The presentation of the book Everyday Saints recently took place in Krakow and at the Jagiellonian University. The author, Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov), Abbot of the Sretensky Monastery, was warmly welcomed by more than just Orthodox Christians.

“We had an unscheduled visit to a Catholic Benedictine monastery. When we entered the monastery, a monk ran out to meet us and said that he had just finished the book and was very pleased to meet the author,” related Marek Yakimuk.

Fr. Tikhon was also heartily welcomed by representatives of the Catholic episcopate. As it turned out, many clerics were familiar with his book.