Ethnic Albanians throw stone at Serb monk


ORAHOVAC — A group of ethnic Albanian youths provoked and threw a stone at Serb Orthodox Christian monk Dionisije in Kosovo on Tuesday.

The monk was inside the monastery of saints Cosmas and Damian in the village of Žočište, near Orahovac.

“A group of five to six young ethnic Albanian men, as they passed by the monastery, shouted at monk Dionisije, who was checking on the monastery property at the time, and then they threw a fairly large rock at him, which, fortunately, missed him,” Radio Kosovska Mitrovica-based Kontakt Plus has reported.

The incident happened at around 19:00 CET, and it culminated when the group took the trousers off of one of the children who was with them and turned the naked child towards Dionisije while shouting in Albanian, the radio stated.

The monastery brotherhood soon reported the incident to the police, who arrived 30 minutes later to compile a report that stated only that a rock was thrown.

The police asked the monks to describe the men, so they could identify them, Kontakt Plus stated.

According to the station, the incident occurred just three hours after head of the German contingent within KFOR Bernd Holthusen visited the monastery.