Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church to Consecrate 16 Bishops

Ethiopian Patriarchate. Pic -OCP Media Network

Ethiopian Patriarchate. Pic -OCP Media Network

Kassa Nigus – OCP News Service – 10/6/17

Addis Ababa: During the annual council of the Holy Synod which was held on May 18th, 2017, the members selected 16 new bishops to be appointed over vacant dioceses.

Consecration ceremony of a bishop is the process by which a candidate for the episcopate receives the grace of priesthood in full, through the sacred mystery of ordination. It is a ritual involving ‘laying hands’ which denote the handed down succession from the Holy Apostles.

Accordingly, a nominating committee was set up to go through the process of selecting candidates based on the set criteria.
During the first phase, more than one hundred (118) candidates were registered. Currently, the steering committee is engaged in looking into the profiles of the candidates thoroughly for further investigation and is seeking accurate detail information on each candidate. They will shortlist 32 candidates. These 32 candidates are considered for vacant dioceses which are 16 in number. The election process is based on the traditions and rules of the Church which was approved in October 2016, at the annual council of the Holy Synod. The qualities of candidates are listed in the canons of the Church. They must be of least 30 years old and a celibate monk, who should be outstanding in faith, morals, piety, wisdom, prudence and human virtues.

They should also have desirable administrative qualities. Candidates should be well versed in sacred scriptures such as the New & Old Testament interpretations, theology, and preferably, hold a certificate from one of the schools of excellence of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Shire, Aksum, Adigrat, South Gondar, Awwi, Finote Selam, Gilgel Beles, (Metekel), Waghimera, Seqota, Qelem Wellega, Kembata & Hadiyya, Gurage, Borena, South Omo, Jinka, Gambella, Illubabur and Assosa are the vacant dioceses.

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