Ethiopian Orthodox Church to Launch 24 hour TV Channel to Educate Faithful



OCP News Service – 31/10/15
Report by Mentu Desta Asrat

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Addis Ababa: Holy  Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Chuchurch has approved 12million Birr budget to launch a 24hr TV channel. The satellite TV will cover North East Africa , Western Europe and North America. This move is aimed at educating faithful on  Orthodox faith and traditions and to deal with the growing evangelical movements in the country.

The Synod has also decided to implement large scale programmes to tackle  the problem  of losing Orthodox faithful to various Protestant and Evangelical denominations.  Apart from that the a letter will be addressed to the honourable  Minister of Federal Affair and EBS (Ethiopia Broadcasting Service) to stop two protestant oriented programs titled “Kale Awadi” and “Thaogolos” .

OCP News Service