Ethiopian Orthodox Church Expresses her Grief concerning a Bomb Blast at a Rally of Support and Appreciation in Addis Ababa on Saturday



Haratewahido – 25/6/18 

Translated by Deacon Tesfa Mikael News Editor – Ethiopian Affairs -(OCP News Service) – 25/6/18

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, One God. Amen.

We were greatly grieved to hear about the terrible bomb attack that was launched against our people by individuals who did not submit themselves to the people’s expression of good will: it happened at a rally of appreciation which was conducted as an expression of national unity, equality, justice, democracy, peace and love.

This is horrific and very alarming news for our Right Honorable Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, as he is working hard to bring development and economic prosperity, with great love for our country Ethiopia. The Church anathematises those who carried out these heinous acts and all who cooperated with them.

May the Lord our God make those who lost their lives in this terrible attack worthy of Paradise, the Kingdom of Heaven. May He grant comfort and peace of mind to their families, accordingly. Likewise, in His mercy , may He visit all those being treated in hospital.

The Lord our God grant love and unity to our country Ethiopia and cause peace to abound. Amen.

His Holiness Abunä Mathias I 
Patriarch of Ethiopia,
Archbishop of Axum and Ǝč̣äge of the See of Täklä Haymanot