Ethiopian Orthodox Church calls for Peace & Reconciliation with Ethiopian Synod in Exile



Menetasnot Desta – Chief Administrator of the OCP Amharic Service – (OCP News Service) – 1/11/17

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia: The annual conference of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church concluded on 31st October 2017. The conference began on 22nd October 2017.

The Prelates conveyed condolences to the family members of all those who lost their lives during the September -October conflicts that took place in different parts of the country.

His Holiness Holiness Abune Mattias – (Sixth Patriarch and Catholicos of Ethiopia, Archbishop of Axum and Ichege of the See of Saint Taklehaimanot) presented the decisions of the annual Synod. Some important points are mentioned below:

  • All Churches and monasteries will hold two weeks of prayer service for the lasting peace and unity in Ethiopia.
  • The church will donate 6 million Birr for the families of victims of the conflict.
  • The Holy Synod declared that the Prelates will do everything in their capacity and commitment to achieve reconciliation and peace between the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Synod in Exile (USA).
  • Begashawe desalegn and Fr. Meaza Kirstos will be prevented from all Church activities in response to their protestant teachings and practices.
  • The Ziway Priesthood academy of the Church will be elevated to the rank of Theological College.

A week ago, few online portals reported that Patriarch Abune Mathias was planning to resign and abdicate the throne. This was nothing but, a mere speculation.

OCP News Service