EOTC in exile reportedly negotiating with church leaders in Ethiopia

His Holiness Abune Merkorios (Patriarch of EOTC in Exile) during a Memorial Service in USA


The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC) in exile is about to negotiate with Abune Paulos of Ethiopia as early as today. There is no official report about the talking points but insiders say high on agenda is the possibility of bringing the exiled church leaders back to Ethiopia.

The rift between the home-based and diaspora based EOTC has been widening eversince EPRDF came to power in 1991, and Abune Paulos was “elected” in breach of a law that forbids electing a patriarch over an existing one (who was then Abune Merkorios, now Patriarch of the EOTC in exile).

Observers say the rush for the negotiation now is because Abune Paulos is seriously sick, and the church leaders would like to pick up a successor. Such view should be taken with caution as no independent source has confirmed the health condition of Abune Paulos.

But even if it is true, insiders say that EOTC leadership in exile should never consider, let alone negotiate, its return to Ethiopia without the knowledge and full backing of the Diaspora Tewahdo Christians and its supporters.

According to insiders, it looks like there are a few people in the ranks of the EOTC who are nagging the EOTC leadership to negotiate with Abune Paulos and discuss the prospect of its return to Ethiopia. There are three people within EOTC who are pushing for the talks , according to the reliable sources, whose names we won’t disclose at this time. The three people are twisting the arms of Abune Melketsedik, the EOTC secretary, to accept the negotiation. It looks like they are succeeding. And Abune Melketsedik has agreed to start the negotiation. –EthiopianThisWeek

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