Elder Seraphim Rose: Orthodoxy is life

orthodoxy is life - Ascetic Experience, Vatopaidi (Vatopedi), Mount Athos, Holy Mountain

The Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi – The Orthodox Monastic Republic of Mount Athos – 13/2/17

Orthodoxy is life. If we don’t live Orthodoxy, we simply are not Orthodox, no matter what formal beliefs we might hold.

The martyrs gave their blood for the truth, and you are not able to live an Orthodox life and come to church? They gave their lives for Christ and you cannot make a small journey for Him?

But you say, “I am a sinner, I cannot come”. Then come, and cease to be one!

Based on Elder Seraphim Rose, St. John Chrysostom

Pic – A priest before the altar in the chapel at the cell of St. Nektarios at Vatopaidi