ElBaradei visits Church, Prays in Mosque

Marwan Abdel Aziz


Mohamed ElBaradei, potential candidate in next year’s presidential elections, went to the Old Cairo district where he visited the historic hanging church, the Coptic museum and a Jewish synagogue, where he wrote in the guest book: “These holy places embody religious tolerance in Egypt; I hope that we all live together in peace.”

ElBaradei was accompanied by a number of supporters and members of his National Association for Change, which seeks constitutional reform.

Tourists visiting the area snapped pictures of ElBaradei, calling him “the Egyptian Obama.”

ElBaradei then went to pray in the historic mosque of Amr ibn al-‘As.

In a statement on Sunday, ElBaradei criticized the Egyptian regime for breaking up recent labor demonstrations and arresting citizens for peacefully expressing their desire for change.

“The regime’s legitimacy is linked to its respect for citizens’ constitutional rights under a democratic system of social justice,” he said, calling on the government to release all political prisoners.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.