Drive-By Jihadis Murder Another Coptic Christian in Sinai

Coptic Solidarity – 27/2/15 – 

On February 23, another Coptic Christian man was fatally shot in al-‘Arish, Sinai, by members of the Islamic terrorist group, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.

Hani, the Coptic man, was in his shop when three terrorists drove by and opened fire on him; with bullets lodged in his head he immediately died.

Earlier, on January 31, masked gunmen stormed the home of another Coptic Christian man residing in al-’Arish.  After robbing him and his family at gunpoint, they shot him several times in the head, instantly killing him.  According to the slain man’s wife, her husband was murdered “only because he was a Copt [i.e., Christian].”