OCP Secretary announces extensive research to rediscover the lost Missions of Metropolitan Alvares Julius

OCP Secretary at IAO Conference

OCP Secretary at IAO Conference

OCP News Service – 6/1/15

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The historic Cathedral of Metropolitan Alvares Julius in Colombo Rediscovered by OCP-MARP Initiative:

Global: OCP Secretary George Alexander has announced extensive research on the lost Missions of Metropolitan Alvares Julius. OCP Society launched MARP (Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project in the year 2012 to research on the life and missionary work of the late lamented Metropolitan.

Ajesh T Phillip – Chief Project Coordinator of MARP has made a number of historic discoveries like the At Gregorious Community of Dindigul, St James Independent Catholic Church of Sempatty and also the Cathedral (Our Lady of Good Death) of Metropolitan Alvares Julius in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

A special Mission Centre has been constituted in Dindigul under the Chennai Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church. Orthodox Divine Liturgy was held twice in Dindigul.

Through MARP, Ajesh Phillip is involved in rigorous research in finding various communities affiliated to the Missionary works of Alvares Julius.

The announcement was made by OCP Secretary during the last week of December 2014. He said that OCP-MARP initiative will undertake further research in the Indian Sub-Continent which will cover South India, North East India region and Sri Lanka. There are also plans to extend the research to Myanmar (Burma), England and other places.

On behalf of OCP Society, the secretary expressed his gratitude to all faithful who support MARP.

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