Countless Moldovans Benefit From Church Health Project 

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OCP News Serice – 21/6/21

Chisinau -Moldova: Several hospitals and dozens of patients from disadvantaged social groups, especially the uninsured and immobilized in the Republic of Moldova, benefits from the free medical aid and support material from the charity project “Health for All” Project of the Moldovan Church.

The project is managed by the Synodal Social Assistance and Charity Department. It is run with the support of partners and donors of the Social-Missionary Center “Icon of the Mother of God Joy of all the afflicted”, help from the Moldovan parish communities in the diaspora, and with the permanent support of partners in Germany.

Medicines, postoperative care materials, diapers and protective diapers for adults, urine collection bags, wheelchairs for disabled and mature children, beds for the sick, and others, are provided free of charge by volunteers of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova.

The vulnerable communities also benefit from free medical advice and assistance provided by doctors and nurses of state medical institutions

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