Coptic Shop Bombed by “Muslim Brotherhood”

Coptic Solidarity –  – September 2015

The shop of a Coptic Christian located in Qena, Egypt, was bombed earlier this week and severely damaged.

The first, failed attempt was caught by the shop’s security camera.  In it, a bearded Salafi looking man comes into the shop holding two bags.  He purchases nothing but surreptiously leaves one of the bags behind in the store before he leaves.

The owner found the bag, which contained a bomb, before it went off.  He showed the video of the man to local police but, not unexpectedly, he was never brought in.

Not to be deterred, another, more blatant attack took place some days later on the same Coptic owned shop. According to eye-witnesses, a masked man riding a motorcycle threw two bombs at the store, causing it to catch fire and causing severe damage.

“The [Muslim] Brotherhood is behind the attack,” said the owner.

As an Egyptian talk show host who played the video explained, the Coptic man was attacked “in revenge, simply because he is a Copt [Christian]—death based on identity. ‘You’re a Christian?  Then I will kill you!’”