Coptic Church denies reports of Shenouda’s deteriorating Health

Emad Khalil

The Coptic Orthodox Church has denied rumors that its leader Pope Shenouda III is seriously ill.

The Church said that Shenouda was in “good health” and that he was carrying on with his regular duties such as “meeting certain figures and attending the weekly sermon.”

The rumors began on a Twitter account claiming to belong to former lawmaker Georgette Qelliny. She has responded to the claims by saying she is in the United States and does not have a Twitter account.

“Whoever spread this rumor is trying to damage my relationship with the pope,” she said.

Youth Bishop Moussa said there was “no truth at all to the rumor that spread on social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) concerning the pope’s deteriorating health.” He went on to say that “the bishops spent Tuesday carrying out a number of activities and events with the pope.”

Meanwhile, General Bishop and Patriarchal Secretary at the Patriarchal Residence Bishop Jeremiah also denied online reports, saying there was no truth to them.

The pope frequently travels to the US for medical treatment in Ohio, but the Church is typically secretive about his care.

Translated from the Arabic Edition