Cooperation And Co-Responsibility For The Education Of The Young Generation

On 2 July 2015, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church awarded, in the Patriarchal Cathedral of Bucharest, the Diploma and Medal of “Saint John Chrysostom” to certain personalities of the Romanian public life, academicians, university professors, artists and journalists involved in the religious education of the young generation. On this occasion, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel delivered a speech in which he thanked all the persons who supported the Religion class at national level: “During the action initiated for enrolling the pupils to the Religion class and for the general debates generated on the occasion, we appreciate the manifestation of the missionary and supportive conscience of the Romanian lay faithful. Thus, the vocation of the Church to join persons of different professions and talents in co-responsibility and cooperation was valued. At the same time we do appreciate the remarkable involvement of the children’s parents in supporting the Religion class. Given the conditions in which an ideological agenda promotes theses according to which the educational role of the family is diminished under pretext of the superior interest of the child, supporting positions designed to erode the authority of the family in the children’s education, the children’s parents understood the risk to impose an artificial interference between them and their own children in the field of education.

While affirming the role of the parents in the children’s education we also emphasize the parents’ enrolling into the “Parents for the Religion Class Association” designed to sustain and promote an integral education, both intellectual and moral-spiritual, edifying for the life and beneficial for family and society”.

“As for the Bill for changing article 18 of the Bill for national education no 1/2011, adopted by the Romanian Parliament and promulgated by the President of the country on 18 June 2015, the new text corresponds to the text approved by the Consultative Council of the Religious Cults of Romania, on 28 February 2015. Therefore, the text adopted by the Parliament includes the major principle according to which the freedom of conscience, guaranteed by article 29, paragraph (6) of the Romanian Constitution, as well as by article 1 of Bill no 489/2006 concerning the religious freedom and the general regime of the cults, is not determined by fix temporal dates imposed by the State. Thus, the application for free enrolling to attend the Religion class is valid for the whole period of schooling or till the free change of the option”, His Beatitude also said.