Consecration of the restored church, ordination of nuns and first wedding after 12 Years

Serbian Church

Restored old church in Djakovica today was consecrated and declared as the monastery of Ascension of the Most Holy Mother of God and a metochion of the monastery of Dechani. In a newly-proclaimed monastery today two old ladies (novices) were ordained nuns who had been living for years beside this church and in the church for the first time a wedding was performed. The act of the consecration of the church and the Divine Liturgy in the full church was serve by His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral and His Grace Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren with the concelebration of 12 priests.

Bishop Teodosije thanked the Metropolitan for being present and active participant in today’s celebration.

Poleksija (Poljka) Kastratovic, who became the nun, took the monastic name Teoktista. Mother Teoktista also became a head of the newly-proclaimed monastery. Along with her Ruzica Spajic also became the nun, who became nun Joanikija.

In the 2004 March pogrom the old church of Most Holy Theotokos and the parish house from 19th century were burnt down, in which four old Serbian women lived under the protection of the Italian KFOR. The old ladies were evacuated to Dechani, from where they came back to the restored parish house two years ago. In the meantime a restoration of the church had begun, which was finished a month ago.

Today’s celebration in Djakovica was especially magnified by a first wedding of the Serbs in this town since 1999. Professor Valentina Pitulic from Lesko married to Zeljko Tarbuk from Lika.

About 50 Serbs from Djakovica who have been living for 12 years as refugees. The celebration also was attended by the commander of the KFOR, German general Erhard Drews.