Consecration of St. Kirakos church to be held this October in Turkey


The consecration ceremony of St. Kirakos church in Turkey’s Diyarbakir will take place on October 23, Armenian sources in Istanbul told Armenian News –

A source close to the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, reported that rumors about religious service in St. Kirakos church scheduled for this fall are true.

“Most likely, liturgy in St. Kirakos church will be organized as festive as it was last year in Surb Khach church on Akhtamar Island. According to some information, many foreign guests have been invited, but representatives of the Armenian community in Turkey have not yet received a formal invitation,” said source.

St. Kirakos church in Diyarbakir has been abandoned since 1980s. Later Armenians living in Diyarbakir and Istanbul, set up “Foundation of St. Kirakos” to renovate it.

As Armenian reported earlier, a religious service was held in Surb Khach church on Akhtamar Island last September after nearly a 100-year break. However, Turkish authorities did not install a cross on the roof, it was placed near the church.