Church takes possession of Saints’ Remains


Theresa Kamal

The Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) has handed over the remains of three Coptic saints to the Abu Hanas Coptic church in Minya.

The saints are said to have died in the fourth century at the hands of Roman persecutors.

The three bodies were delivered to the village, which is inhabited by more than 35,000 Copts, amid heavy security and tolling church bells. The saints’ remains were welcomed by hymn-singing residents bearing palm fronds and incense.

“The three bodies are not considered antiquities per se since they technically belong to the modern era,” said SCA Coptic Department Director Farag Fadda. “We normally hand such remains over to the church, where they are revered and kept in special places.”

The remains will be placed in glass display cases from which they can be viewed by churchgoers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.