Church should build hotels instead homes for the elderly – Metropolitan Amfilohije


PODGORICA – Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in Montenegro Amfilohije said that the Metropolitanate of the church is in “material weakness” and is unable to build homes for the elderly.

However, he said, it is “natural” for the SPC to build apartments and keep hotels.

“All this is in the glory of the God and for the good of the people,” said Amfilohije.

He however denied that the church is running the business if it keeps hotels, and he told reporters that they should “be more church-like” to understand these things.

According to earlier media reports, SPC annually collects up to EUR 50 million just from visits to Orthodox monastery Ostrog. Serbian Orthodox Church demands to get back several thousand hectares, and is also claiming the land in other parts of Montenegro.