Church of Cyprus To Take Strict Measures Against Hierarchs and Clergy Disobeying Synodal Decisions

Archbishop Chrysostomos. Pic - Wiki

Archbishop Chrysostomos. Pic – Wiki

OCP News Service – 13/9/21

Nicosia-Cyprus: Archbishop-Primate Chrysostomos commented on the recent meeting of the Synod of the Church of Cyprus. The Archbishop stated that the members of the Synod had fruitful discussion on the issues of the Covid-19 pandemic. He urged all hierarchs of the Church of Cyprus to align with the decisions of the session on vaccination.

The Primate also stated that the vaccination is voluntary. However, the hierarchs have the freedom to maintain their views, but they are not allowed to influence the congregation or believers not to be vaccinated.

“Whoever does not comply with the decisions of the session, will not received their salaries at the end of the month,” warned the Archbishop.

OCP News Service