Church Burned, Civilian Properties Destroyed in Northern Shewa Zone – Amhara Region

OCP News Service – 26/3/21

Oromo-Ethiopia: In organized militia attacks that were carried out from Friday to Sunday, 19 – 21, March 2021, (in the town of Jewha, in the district of Efrata and Gidim, in Northern Shewa Zone of Amhara Region State), the Church of St. George, the Prince of the Martyrs, was burned down. Civilian lives were inevitably lost, and their personal properties were demolished. This region borders the Oromia Regional State. Such violent attacks have been recurring for the past two years by armed incursions of armed groups from the Oromia Regional State in the locality.

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The attacks were also carried out in the Town of Ataye of the same district (Efrata and Gidim) in which lives were lost and properties were ruthlessly destroyed. Two years ago a church was burned down, and another was merely saved from attacks in the same area.

OCP News Service