Christians form fraternity

Daily News Egypt

Activists from Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority have moved to buffer the rise of political Islam, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, by establishing their own group – the Christian Brotherhood.

The idea of a Christian Brotherhood group was formulated in 2005 as Islamist groups became more prominent in public life.

Political analyst Michel Fahmi and head of Al-Kalema Center for Human Rights, Mamdouh Nakhla, proposed a counterweight group in an attempt to balance the political landscape and ensure that the Copts were never without a voice.

Nakhla told Egypt Today earlier this year that he felt there had been a definite rise in ill-feeling towards the Coptic community.

However, it was not until Mohammed Morsy was elected President that Christian activists felt that it was really necessary to form a group.

“It was then important [after Morsy’s win] to establish a body that can resist the Islamic tide,” Fahmi told Al Arabiya in a recent interview.

He went on to emphasise that the purpose of the Christian Brotherhood is not to antagonise Muslims but rather to maintain a check on political Islamists.