Christians Butchered at ‘Genocide Levels’ in Nigeria and Ethiopia: Urgent Intervention Required – OCP Secretary

Mr. George Alexander - (Secretary of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE, Pan-Orthodox Christian Society). File photo.

Mr. George Alexander – (Secretary of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE, Pan-Orthodox Christian Society). File photo.

OCP News Service – 11/9/2020

‘Christians slaughtered, women raped and taken sex slaves, Christian houses destroyed and Churches burned down’.

Global: George Alexander, the secretary of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) warns that ‘Christians are exterminated at genocide levels in Ethiopia, Africa, and other African states like Burkina Faso. The pathetic situation necessitates urgent intervention from the part of the international community’.

Over 700 Christians in Nigeria have been slaughtered by radicals so far (2020) and around 12,000 have been killed over during the last five years.

Christian Persecution at Genocidal Levels in Nigeria – Over Six Hundred Killed

In August alone more than 50 Christians were slaughtered by radical Islamic groups like Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram. Apart from rape, torture, and killing, a considerable number of Christians have been displaced and over 2000 churches and worship centers have been destroyed.

In Ethiopia, the planned extermination of Orthodox Christians and minorities has been taking place for the past couple of years. Radical Oromo Islamic has been storming Christian houses, churches, and buildings. In July 2020 pre-planned violent attacks by radicals resulted in the brutal murder of 239 Orthodox Christians.

The Planned Extermination of Orthodox Christians and Minorities in Ethiopia

The desperate situation in Ethiopia is rather complex due to the ethnic color attached to the killing of Christians. In recent months more than 3362 Orthodox Christians were displaced. Many Orthodox Christian schools, clinics, entrepreneurial ventures, vehicles were also destroyed. Last year alone, fanatic Oromo groups attacked and killed a large number of Non-Oromo and destroyed more than 30 Orthodox Churches and institutions.

The Christian Genocide in Nigeria

“The situation is at present out of control. Abiy government in Ethiopia and Buhari leadership in Nigeria has inevitably failed to tackle radical groups and prevent the terrible slaughter of innocent Christians. There is no affordable option left, other than for the international community to act appropriately on an urgent basis.” He concluded.

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