‘Christians and Jews Should Unite Against Anti-Semitism’ Pope Francis of Rome

Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome. Pic - Wiki

Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome. Pic – Wiki

OCP News Service – 13/09/21

Budapest- Hungary: Pope Francis of Rome urged Christians and Jews to take a strong stand against Anti-Semitism during his meeting with delegates of the Ecumenical Council of Hungarian Churches (MEOT) and Hungarian Jewish organisations in the Capital city of Hungary on the 12th of September 2021.

“Only if we become roots of peace and shoots of unity, will we prove credible in the eyes of the world, which look to us with a yearning that can bring hope to blossom. Whenever we were tempted to absorb the other, we were tearing down instead of building up” stated Francis, reports hungarytoday.hu. He also sated that Jews and Christians are no more foes, but friends.

Pope Francis is on visit to Hungary to attend the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress.

OCP News Service