Christian Fired From Job in Sweden for Refusing to Remove His Cross 

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OCP News Service – 16/02/21

Sweden: Varldenidag reported that an Assyrian Christian lost his job since he refused to take off his Cross. 28-year-old George Tannouri lost his job because he did not want to take off the cross he was wearing around his neck. His company (Ingram Micro) believes that hanging objects are a security risk. However, George Tannouri stated that many of his Muslim colleagues are allowed to work wearing Veils and hence he believes that he has been a victim of religious discriminiation. 

The company authorities confronted him stating he was not allowed to wear any jewellery or accessories. But according to George, he has have seen others who had earrings. In addition, many wear hijabs as well.

“I have as much right to wear a cross as others have to wear a hijab,” George stated. 

Over the years several cases of religious discrimination against Christians have been reported from Western European countries.

OCP News Service