Photo: – 2/6/17

Orthodox Christians in China have the opportunity to grow omto a deeper understanding of their faith with the new Chinese-language translation of Archpriest Oleg Davidenkov’s catechism, which has been published in Hong Kong. The translation, made by Fr. Anatoly Kung of the Sts. Peter and Paul Church, has been issued by the China Orthodox Press, reports

The issuing of this new catechism is an important event in the life of the Chinese mission. The book will be interesting for Chinese readers desiring to systematize their understanding of Orthodoxy, and those students studying in Orthodox theological schools.

The extensive catechism covers topics such as Divine revelation, Holy Tradition, and Sacred Scripture, and includes an in-depth discussion of the Nicene Creed.

Speaking of the project, publishing house director Archpriest Dionisy Pozdnyaev said, “We are faced with an extreme shortage of doctrinal and liturgical literature in the Chinese language. I hope the present publication will help at least partially answer this interest in the topic of Orthodox dogmatics which we see in many today in China.”

The Chinese catechism will be distributed in Orthodox parishes in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. It can also be ordered in print and e-formats on the site of the China Orthodox Press Publishing Company.