“Changing Attitude and Attaining God’s Grace!” by Emiliya Ahmadova

Pic - www.pexels.com

Pic – www.pexels.com

Emiliya Ahmadova – OCP Articles – 22/2/21

Humans are constantly chased after something. Yet, when they reach their destination or satisfy their desires, at times at the expense of others, they don’t find complete happiness or peace of mind. Sometimes the feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction stick to them. Destructive self-pride grows, turning into arrogance and selfishness. Some constantly burn with hunger for more. They are never delighted with anything; neither do they express gratitude. ‘Give me more’ is their motto!

Some have forgotten the important fact that nothing in this world is everlasting. There is habitually an end, especially when death arrives, almost always uninvited. With it, all material gains and success are left behind. These things do not contribute anything positive towards the soul’s ultimate destination. Neither buys you a ticket to Paradise! That is, unless some are employed for the purpose of helping the poor, sick, and hurt.

The road to Paradise is extremely narrow and rugged. According to the Christian faith, one must follow God’s commandments, practice humility, take communion, confess their sins, and show true repentance or remorse to enter Paradise. You should have pure thoughts, pure hearts and deeds, and love God and His people.

Love must be demonstrated with actions or deeds, not empty words or promises. Forgiveness is one of the traits that we must exhibit. If we cannot forgive, how can we expect God to forgive us? Forgiving does not mean allowing someone to hurt you! It means letting go of anger and bitterness. You give the person a chance to improve. If she or he is unable to change, you leave them behind without hate. You can even pray for their salvation. Once you forgive, you will obtain inner peace and be able to move forward instead of focusing on something negative and feeling miserable.

It is therefore not easy to pass through the gates of Hell. Especially when satanic forces lure humans and deceive them. Satan is a big liar! He identifies the weaknesses of humans and employs them against us. However, humans cannot blame Satan for their wickedness or mistakes. God created mankind with brains that can think and reason. He, in addition, gave us free will. If someone uses their gifted free will to kill, rape, abuse, lie, deceive, steal, lust, gossip, envy, or molest children, he is responsible for his choices. One day such people will face the consequences of their sins!

Right now, we live in a world consumed with evil. So many humans are suffering. We hear on the news about missing children or trafficked women. Cases of rape and domestic violence, as well as crime, increase. Hunger and poverty, as well as illnesses, claim many lives around the world.  Some blame their governments for increased crime, etc. Government alone cannot change the situation in their countries. These must start from your own family and yourself.

First, ask yourself the following questions. What role does God carry out in your life? What kind of example are you demonstrating to your children? How do you bring up your children? Are you an abusive spouse, a drunkard, a cheater, or a cruel parent? Do you cuss around your children? Do you show disrespect and hate towards others? Do you make racial remarks?

What thoughts and desires are lurking in your mind? What comes out of your mouth? Is it something kind or positive? Maybe your mind is filled with lust or dirty or even hateful thoughts? If you exhibit any of these, what do you think you pass on to your children and spread into society? Children become what you place into them. Childhood experiences are critically important for a child’s healthy character and personality development.

Control your thoughts and desires. Focus on God and inner change, and you will alter the outcome of your actions. Fill yourself with pure and cheerful thoughts. Remain a better version of yourself. The government cannot do this for you.

While others suffer, some keep getting wealthier and more powerful. In some instances, as wealth grows, the condition of the soul becomes adverser. Greed and sinful desires or thoughts corrupt the soul. At times, when humans achieve their goals, they cannot indeed enjoy them fully. Why? Some of them may be coping with illness. It is possible they are constantly brooded about things. Perhaps their marriages break up or their children cause trouble with their rebellious behaviour. They cannot find peace. And why? How can one have peace of mind where, instead of God’s grace, there is constant frustration? How can someone gain grace by forsaking God behind and choosing sin over good?

Look at what is happening presently around the world! We are coping with the effects of COVID. Those effects are fear, anger, frustration, depression, isolation, joblessness, death, etc.

When God blesses someone with His grace, even during tribulations, this person is filled with joy. Even frustrations do not bother him anymore. This grace is more precious than anything else in this world. Yet, I have started thanking God for the hands that can still iron. One must receive it by building a genuine relationship with God. In addition, one should devote his time to prayer and better his or her inner self. The most significant thing is to practice humility and see your own sinful nature instead of judging others. Without humility, one cannot enter paradise.

Let me give you an example. I never used to like ironing. So often it used to frustrate me. Yet, I have started thanking God for the hands that can still iron. I even thanked Him for the mop for the first time. Yet I am not, therefore, I find gratitude in the smallest things. After all, I could be ill in bed, unable to walk. Yet I am not, therefore, I find gratitude in the slightest things.

While thanking God, my heart started filling with sheer joy. As I started singing ‘Alleluia,’ praising the Lord, I stopped getting frustrated or worried. Along with it, my heart filled with more love towards others. I just felt like hugging everyone. This does not mean all my dreams have come true. However, God’s grace made me understand that even during difficult situations we can find joy.

As I get up early in the morning, I sing ‘Alleluia,’ filled with easiness and joy. Now I comprehend why the venerable fathers in our past still felt delighted and at peace while living in poverty, taking cruelties from others. They had God’s grace, and that was enough for them.

All of us should focus on gaining God’s grace by following His path. Yes, it is not easy, but it can be achieved.

Instead of feeling frustrated and worried, start thanking God for everything. Change your attitude to gratitude. You are still alive. I am certain you have things in your life that you should be grateful for. Keep praising the Lord and singing ‘Alleluia’ as much as you can. With your mind focused on God and a positive attitude, you will experience inner changes. You will find comfort and peace in God. We need Him. He is our hope and salvation.

When you are filled with God’s grace, it also changes the people around you or maybe their behaviour towards you. They will feel your positive vibes and love towards them.

To make this world a better place to live in, changes should start from your heart and mind that will cause you to care for others. However, true change comes through repentance!

Emiliya Ahmadova is the author of Broken Chains, A Hell For All Seasons, My Twin Sister And Me, as well as Caribbean Tears. Books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles

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