Cerkiew.pl youtube channel


Polish Orthodox Church – July 2013

On the occasion of Easter and the 11thanniversary of establishing cerkiew.pl website, we prepared a gift for our readers, a youtube channel with video materials.

The subject of changes in the multimedia section has been an ongoing issue for some time now, both in surveys on the website as well as within the editorial team. Thanks to Stefan Parchanowicz, who took on the task of reorganising and developing the video section of cerkiew.pl website, we are beginning the process of integrating the multimedia.

On our channel we will be presenting interesting videos about Orthodox Christianity found on the Internet. We also hope to upload our own materials prepared especially for you. We also expect your involvement in contributing to this section. We encourage those of you who make videos to join our team or to prepare materials for our channel. We ask our viewers to submit suggestions on what and how we should publish on our channel. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The first video prepared by cerkiew.pl team presents the celebration of hundredth anniversary of founding the church in Koterka. The footage was delivered to us by Mr Parafieniuk and edited by our team.