Catholicos of All Armenians Offered Requiem Service for Architect Jim Torosyan

On January 8, a Requiem Service was offered in the memory of the renowned architect Mr. Jim Torosyan in the St. John the Baptist Church of Yerevan by His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.

Following the service, His Holiness addressed the grieving family and those present. “With profound sorrow we were informed of the death of Mr. Jim Torosyan, who was a devoted and worthy servant to our Apostolic Holy Church, a prominent architect and an academician.

Mr. Torosyan of blessed memory is well known in Armenia and abroad as a genuine intellectual, a talented and eminent architect. He designed buildings, complex structures and monuments that adorn Yerevan and many cities in our Homeland, which are imprinted with the patriotic and nation- loving spirit of the great architect.

We are no specialists in architecture, and We are not the ones to evaluate the art of the gifted architect, but today, sending him to his final resting place, We would like to express the impact Mr. Torosyan had on us during our interactions and meetings. During our meetings We always felt the piety of the humble intellectual, his commendable kindness, honesty and righteousness. Our friendship was a source of great joy and inspired profound respect and hopeful good-natured feelings. He was vivacious and optimistic, always full of fresh ideas. Mr. Jim Torosyan of blessed memory was constantly amid creative efforts, realizing his projects with a strong understanding of national values.

Perfectly combining the modern and the national, with his distinguished skills he aspired to reach perfection, creating the exquisite monuments of the modern Armenian architecture. The fine bas- reliefs, inspiring vigour, encouragement and enthusiasm, created with the unique talent of the deceased architect, are singularly fascinating. Mr. Torosyan had also designed church structures, such as the entrance of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and the Open Air Altar, St. Vartan and St. Hovhannes Mkrtich Baptistery, the new building of the Gevorkian Theological Seminary, the Church of the Holy Archangels and the monument devoted the memory of the martyrs lost during the Stalinist tyranny. Commendable is the fruitful pedagogical efforts of the renowned Armenian over the decades. New generations of architects were educated with his spirit and genius, who will continue designing and creating through the contributions of Mr. Torosyan, for the welfare of our Homeland.

Mr. Jim Torosyan was granted many awards for his numerous contributions and accomplishments. The prominent architect was also honoured with the order of St. Sahag- St. Mesrob Medal of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church, for his admirable accomplishments as the Chairman of the Board of Architecture of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, and his praiseworthy service to Armenian culture and architecture.

At this moment of mournful loss, we are extending our prayers to the Almighty from the bottom of our hearts, for tranquillity and peace to the soul of the outstanding child of our nation. We exhort God to receive the eternal soul of the newly deceased Jim Torosyan. May the Holy Spirit, Our Comforter, console the hearts of Mr. Torosyan’s grieving family, relatives and friends.

We offer prayers and blessings to the memory of the deceased Mr. Jim Torosyan”, stated the Catholicos of All Armenians.