Catholicos of All Armenians: “God bless all Armenian soldiers”


On January 28 Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin the Second sent a congratulation letter on the 20th anniversary of the formulation of Armed Forces of Republic of Armenia. Press center of Holy See St. Etchmiadzin informs about this.

The message especially says: “Holy See Mother Etchmiadzin blesses Armenian Army and Armenian soldiers on the 20thanniversary of Armenian Armed Forces. Armenian Army is our lovely son and it was born in the field of war. It was developed and go experience in the war and during the struggles. Like Armenian epic hero Davit Sasountsi it gets stronger hour by hour. Armenian Army is the patriotic soul of Armenian nation and is the readiness to protect the Motherland. Armenian Army is the base of our security and peace development.

We are thankful to God as Armenian Army celebrates its jubilee with achievements. We are thankful to our sons who have participated in formulating Armenian Army.

We are praying for our nation and our Motherland, for the Armenians spread in the whole world. God bless our soldiers.”