Cathedral of St Mark in Al Abassiya attacked


CopticWorld reporting from CTV:

7:00 PM Cairo time: Gunshots heard all over the place

6:50 PM Cairo time: Molotov cocktails thrown into Cathedral grounds. Small fire ignited

Details are few and coming. You can view the CTV stream which is showing the events as they are unfolding live by clicking on TV tab then play the CTV stream. Traffic to the server is heavy so you may not be able to view the stream. Please keep trying.

There are about 500 Copts lead by the students of the theological college standing in the yard chanting Kyrie eleison. The Copts DID NOT INITIATE the violence, contrary to international media reports circulating currently. As the Coptic mourners emptied the cathedral to bury 4 martyrs, they were attacked by a mass of angry citizens in the street. The citizens threw rocks fired upon them from a nearby petrol station.

17 people have since been taken to the Coptic hospital. 20 people have been treated on site.

There is a group of revolutionists attempting to defend the Copts and the cathedral. It is unknown to the Copts why the police are using some sort of explosives but 12 explosives were used, 4 of which were reportedly aimed at the papal residence, and lights in the area have been cut out.

HH Pope Tawadros II is in constant contact with the security forces and Egyptian authorities in Cairo. The Church is encouraging Copts to be calm and adult minded, and not act in any way that may sabotage our national peace and unity.