Bulgarian Orthodox Church Commemorates the Victims of the Stara Zagora Massacre (1877)

Pic - https://bg-patriarshia.bg/

Pic – https://bg-patriarshia.bg/

OCP News Service – 22/7/21

Sofia-Bulgaria: On July 19 2021, The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honoured the memory of the victims of the Stara Zagora massacre in 1877. Several Orthodox Christians lost their lives in the massacre.

The celebration began at the Holy Trinity Church, where about 2,500 Christians lost their lives in the terrible days of ruin. A procession was held from the church to the Mausoleum of the Ossuary “July 19, 1877”, where a funeral prayer in memory of the perished people of Stara Zagora was held.

Over 14,000 Bulgarians were killed during the dramatic events in the city and the region.

OCP News Service