Bishop Jovan : Historiography of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia

Church of Serbia – 28/2/15

In the beginning of this year the Institue for Theological Research of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and the Faculty of Security published in English a book whose author is Bishop Jovan (Culibrk) of Pakrac-Slavonia – Historiography of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia. The same book already appeared in Serbian translation by the same publisher in 2011.

It is the text of master’s thesis which Bishop Jovan defended at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before, today late, Professor David Bankier, to whom this book is dedicated. Professor Bankier was at the same time the head of the International Institute for Holocaust Research – Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, and the present book used all the capacities that Yad Vashem offers to a research-worker, especially the one who, like Bishop Jovan, spent many years working in it.

Reviewers of this book are Simon Epstein from the University of Jerusalem and Milan Koljanin from Belgrade`s Institute for Modern History, the leading world expert for Holocaust. The BookHistoriography of the Holocaust in Yugoslaviaas a source book has already been used by a great number of the most serious experts for Holocaust, including Michael Feier, Raphael Izraeli, Paul O`Shea and others.